Saturday, October 29, 2011

Why I Give A Scrap

I'm an infant scrapper and genealogist. Family history reeled me in, then interesting, sometimes scandalous family stories hooked me.

I've been a journalist for years, however, very recently (October 2010) I began adding photographs and art to the journaling. Now I'm as addicted to my camera and playing with glue, ink, and scissors as I am to recording our stories.

Still, my primary reason to scrap is to help my family remember the important moments in our lives as well as to leave a record for our great-grandchildren.

I'm enjoying the local and online scrapbook community and I hope to make many new friends.

In addition, I look forward to learning and sharing scrapbook ideas and techniques.

One day, when I've progressed sufficiently, I'd love to join a design team (or two or three). Until then, I'll keep recording our family history and develop my scrappy style.

Happy scrapping!

1 comment:

  1. You're a braver infant scrapper than I was. It took me ages and ages before I started the blogging thing and here you are on the right path! Congrats for taking that big step!